September 13, 2012

“Mom I have come to see if you can give me any words of comfort in my hard situation. 

I want to go on to school; I don’t want to be like the other boys here who have lost their way and are into drugs and thievery.”  Although the young man sitting across from me is 19 he looks more like 15.  This situation is one of the most heartbreaking realities we face daily.   His father is dead, his mother is unable to work and he has been on his own for several years.  He had been without a job and had finally found one.  But the job won’t start till January and his hours will be from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm with only noon meal as part of the wages.  The pay? 100 shillings per day or roughly $1.30.  This is what he and other youth have to look forward to if they can’t get training.  He wants to be an electrician and has a natural skill fixing things electrical but the school fees are way out of his reach, with the type of job he can get.  $600 is needed to provide the one year training at the school to get his certificate to be an electrician.  There is no way we can meet the needs of all but we can and do pray for God to provide. The terrible loss of the youth of Kangundo burdens my heart daily.  There is no earthly wisdom that can meet these needs, God alone knows the answers and so to Him we always go.  How blessed we are to have a Father that cares and hears our pleas and maybe in ways we don’t even know is allowing us to be a comfort and blessing.

Just knowing someone cares and will pray with them seems a help to the and brings them to the house, several this week have come by saying, “I can’t stay but mom will you pray for me?”

We am so blessed by the young men on the soccer team and their blossoming love for Jesus and determination to really live for him; it helps to balance the sadness of the situations we can do nothing but pray about.  Isaac, saved just 5 weeks, with great excitement was sharing II Chronicles 7:14, “This is how our country can be saved but we need to SEEK God’s face, really seek God’s face.”  They are coming for another bible lesson the 18th and the subject they requested we teach is, “Things God hates”.  They want to be sure they aren’t doing them!!

What joy to hear their pastor state yesterday that the Awana program has exploded and they now have over 200 children in the Clubs.   Thank you God for providing one soccer ball to attract the “lost” youth and bring them into the fold!!!

And THANK YOU dear partners who pray and share!!!

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