Garments of Praise has established partnerships with other active Christian ministries in Kenya, who are helping to identify those in greatest need. With them we seek to provide hope and help to the downtrodden through education, job skills training and by teaching and preaching the “Good News” of the Gospel. Our goal is not only to train students in job skills so that they become self-sustaining, but also to choose key leaders who will, in turn, teach and train others.

USA Partners
to Lisa Furrow Special thanks and tribute to Lisa Furrow, late wife of Pastor Robert Furrow and leader of the Calvary Tucson Women’s Ministry, who went to be with the Lord on December 15th, 2012. She was, from the beginning, a godly and wise counselor and cheerleader for the work. Her earnest prayers, love and support often were the “wind beneath the wings” of this dream, encouraging and pushing it forward to become what it is today.

Calvary Chapel Tucson has been our partner from the beginning and has helped the dream develop into a reality. They have been involved in praying, generous giving, and serving on the Board of Directors and with our outreach teams. In 2012, GPF was blessed to become a part of “Calvary Chapel Tucson, Missions Ministries – Reach Africa”.

Calvary Chapel of the White Mountains is partnering with GOP Africa through faithful prayer, support, serving on our Board of Directors and with mission outreaches in recent years.  The well project in Katwanya was conceived during one of these mission trips and became a reality because of their vision and faithfulness.

Ruth Mayer Artist Ruth Mayer partnered with us to design our logo as a gift of love.

The multitude of brothers and sisters and numerous faithful churches from coast to coast who have partnered with us by praying and generously giving to see this work move forward.

Kenyan Partners

Wanjau Ndubaof Kingdom Enterprises, a division of Navigators Africa, has been a faithful and wise partner who has offered invaluable council, support, guidance and insight to working in Kenya in our growing stages.

Pastor Sammy Jarso and his wife Wagayeof the Eastleigh Evangelical Church are powerful prayer warriors and have offered council, friendship and advice to help guide us over the years.

Pastor Stephen Mweu and his wife Mary,founders of the Shalom Learning Center, are strong supporters, counselors and prayer partners who opened the first partnership with ministering to the children.

Pastor Joseph Zuki Mutisya helps administrate the work and is our Director of Operations in Kenya and oversees all of the different areas of ministry in addition to being the Principal and Pastor of our Garments of Praise Training Institute.

The many dedicated Kenyan Christians who believe in Garments of Praise and pray for and support us.

Areas of Ministry

Garments of Praise’s program was birthed by the desire to share the needs with God’s people and show how God can use willing vessels to make a difference in a land where “difference” is all that matters for most to have hope for change. We ask no one for funds but do share our needs. For more information on about our ministry please email us at or call (520) 329-9255