December 7, 2012

“We were under great pressure..” II Cor 1:8.  

It is hard to explain but the enemy is very strong here and very active, BUT GOD how I love those two words!!  and truely “none of these things move me..”  When God sends you on a mission he always “packs” what you need.  How precious the Word has become as more and more I realize it is everything we need to engage in battle, and everything we could hope for to comfort our hearts.  Blessings abound and who would even think of exchanging the joy of seeing young live blossom and expand for God for the “comforts” of home.

This world truely is not our home we are just passing through but how we long to take as many as possible with us out of this world of darkness.  Many of the young people are electrified as they realize Jesus really loves them and has a plan for them to follow.  As we listened to one after another share what Jesus and the team meant to them it was evident their faith was real and will be long lasting; ” becoming a man of honor”, “being able to avoid bad companions”, “able to leave drugs behind”, “knowing I have a purpose in this life”.  They were shy at first but now they are asking if they can’t come again for another bible study and learn more of what God wants them to do. They even asked the “unthinkable” they want us to work up a quiz to give them on the bible study we had.

Then there was the joy of seeing fear banished from the heart of a young woman who had witnessed the terrible destruction of the Alshabob bombing that killed so many a couple of weeks ago.  It was very unsafe for her to return to street witnessing as the mobs of thugs targeted the Ethiopians as they raged in the streets beating and robbing people after the attack.  BUT GOD had called her to witness in the streets years ago and after a weeks “leave of absence” she came out radiant as she told us she was leaving to go back so she could resume the Friday time of prayer and encouraging other believers and witnessing of Jesus love in the outreach program on the streets.  “God said not my time to die and if it is, it is ok”.  She called to says there had been another bombing but that she was not afraid!!! Victories of and for our great God.

Young pastors eager to learn more, assembled to be taught by two of our “Timothy/Paul project pastors at a village miles away.  One of the teachers called  to share how excited the pastors were that they had returned ( as they do every three months) and that there were 12 “students” in attendance.  The other teacher shared how wonderful it was to be in the Word so much as he prepared and as he taught and of his deep desire to do this all the time. Truely the light God’s word brings is the answer for lost and hungry souls whether in the US or in Kenya and serving God is the ultimate satisfaction of the soul!!

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