January 21, 2013


Much Joy, much heartache and much work to still be done as we prepare to leave for a few months to spend time with our “other family”.  Prayers please as we fly home the 30th of Jan and for our return which God alone knows.


1.       The Tailoring school is off to a great start with a twist only God could devise, a great group of students and a wonderful teacher.

2.       A church elder found four “bad boys” in the church in the middle of the night, amazingly these newly saved soccer boys had read II Chronicles 2:14 and taking it to heart met to pray and fast for God to save their village and nation. I love God for letting us be a small part of such a wonderful group whom He is using to change their area.  How I pray I can share some of their stories with the youth when we come home!!

3.       We had the joy of celebrating one of our Ethiopian granddaughter’s birthdays today, she turned seven.  She lives in Eastleigh but it is such a war zone with bombs by Elshabab and some corrupt police robbing refugees it is no long safe for them and she and her mom will go to the refugee camp again!!  Pray God will give favor and they may come to America. While we sat in Kangundo celebrating a friend called and said the police were in search of refugees and when she didn’t answer her door they padlocked her in her house and told her they would return tomorrow.

4.       God continues to show his father’s heart to the many little ones at Shalom and the wonderful teaching staff they have there. Some of the children still have major medical problems they are dealing with but God has guided Stephen to caring and qualified Drs.  Pray for the continued needs of the school; I doubt many of your children would rejoice at the “new” school room Stephen has been able to fix up but this new room means they can continue in Shalom one more year and they are rejoicing!!

5.       Great praises that the major store in Nairobi where we shop offered double shillings on all points for school fees.  We were unable to provide school fees for one of our dear friend’s son as the funds just weren’t there BUT we had never cashed in our points and they along with those of another friend were enough to cover all the fees!!

6.       Pray for Felix one of the soccer boys, his father died a while ago and his mom is now here in Kangundo at the aids hospital slowly slipping away.  He is in the last year of high school and his grandma with whom they have lived, is HIV positive and just broke her leg.  It is so important for him to finish “form four” as they call 12th grade here.  He is trusting in God and the team is working to find projects they can do and help their own when they are in need.
May each of you know and respond to the great love God so freely gives to us.  I stand amazed at the wonder of his unfailing love and unbounded comfort and grace; eternity will never get tired of the sound of our voices praising Him the wonderful SAVIOR.
Acts 20:24 says, ” I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish race and complete the task the LORD Jesus has given me. ”  My heart says AMEN what a joy to finish and complete what has been entursted to us;may God find us worth and faithful servants when we come to the close of our life or this year which ever comes first.

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