Training Institute

IMG_0046 We have established job skills training in dressmaking, tailoring and embroidery to aid the often “forgotten” population. We help vulnerable young refuges who survive in slum areas, single moms, at risk teens and widows who have little hope without a skill to earn a living.


Tailoring, Dressmaking and Embroidery:

100_4076aSingle moms in rural areas  face great hardships without schooling or job training (one mother had her child die in her arms because she lacked the few dollars for the medicine that would have saved her child).

Poverty forces young teens from their homes because they are orphaned IMG_0555g or there is not enough food for them and their younger siblings. Young men cannot find jobs because they have no job skills and this hopelessness produces a high suicide rate among 14 to 19 year olds in this area. They fall into despair, turn to drink, drugs and crime, with death often the result.

Young girls also have little choice; they can work as “house help” where they care for children, collect wood, carry water, cook and clean or they can marry. Men often abandoned their wives for “another wife” and leave them a “single mom” with one or more children to support and no way to lift themselves from poverty. IMAG2655Because of the dowry system when they do marry, girls as young as 13 are often forced to marry the “highest bidder” (usually old men) and their lives are little better than that of a slave.

100_3855With your support for the Tailoring Institute, parents now have an option. Their daughters and sons can gain job skills training because we supply food and tuition. We have seen many “happy endings” with our students at our Tailoring Institute. In four years we have touched the lives of “at risk” teens, single moms and refugees who before had no hope, but now are seeing their lives changed.

400Our first class in 2010 started with just 5 young teens.

The class grew and we had 13 complete the course and become our first graduating class in 2011.  100_2954At the close of 2013 we had 25 graduates from the tailoring and embroidery classes. We have seen over a total of 50 lives impacted by this training.