November 25, 2012

“MOM, I am in home it is not safe to go out,

I want to come to Kangundo.” She managed to get a taxi to where she could get a bus to Kangundo before the roads were blocked off after the terrible explosion by the terrorists of a bus going through Eastleigh.  Her little room was just short blocks from the explosion and even her area was flooded with the thieves who came to rob and hurt those who were trying to protect their little shops. She could not sleep all night long with all the terror surrounding her. People were literally prisoners in their own homes till the security forces brought calm after three days.  But God has called her to minister in Eastleigh so she bravely returned Saturday to serve in the church and be faithful to where God called her.

**“Mom can you please come and encourage us on how to live for the Lord?” this from two young men who came to our home and earnestly asked us to come talk to the boys on the Victory soccer team.  Of course we went and words fail to describe the intensity of their faces as we shared that they also had to choose which “team” they would be on in this world, God’s or Satan’s.  We shared about God’s great love for them and that he wanted them as sons.  It was just a short time of sharing and giving out a work sheet with questions and verses before they went to play the next game but one by one they expressed thanks and “please come again”.  We didn’t count the number today but were told they numbered 40 last Sunday.

Just a couple of their little testimonies to share:

“Victory soccer team has made me change my life to Christianity, PRAISE THE LORD.”

“The soccer team has built me spiritually; am now saved and changed my behavior”.

This young man recently lost his father and his mother is HIV positive and they live with a grandmother that is also HIV positive.  When his father died his family “chased” them away from their family home.  Things are hard and there is barely money for food let alone money to finish his high school education.  But he came to church to play soccer, got saved and brought his mother to church and she now also is a believer.   Pray with us for this family.

** ”Mom you challenge me!”   Three months of encouraging her to try and set up her own business by giving her “homework” in which she had to figure costs, what would sell and what would produce profits, how to repay a loan, what would work and to think about all the hidden costs.  She was an eager learner and completed everything outlined to be done before she returned the next time.  She did sewing but realized till she was firmly established she had to find something else to help her pay the bills and so she wanted to combine a little “store” and her sewing.   She demonstrated a determined spirit  by not giving up when her father abandoned her and her brother when she was just in 9th grade.  She traveled to Nairobi and worked as a “causal” laborer for two years.  She wanted to go to school and so as she put it, “I worked and lived like a student wanting to go to school”.  No frills just work and bare existence and God heard her prayers that she offered to Him every day about going to school.   She was able to enroll in the Garments of Praise Tailoring Institute at the end of the two years and graduated in March 2012.  I believe she will succeed and become a wise business owner.

**  Get a feeding program for 27 at the tailoring school up and running in 4 days!!!  IMPOSSIBLE.           But praise God he is the God of the impossible and as we sought the help and guidance of the blessed Holy Spirit he undertook and things fell into place in an orderly way.  (even fast and furious can be orderly with HIM in charge)  Lots of work brought lots of joy as the students, many who before came to school with no breakfast and had no lunch, enjoyed the hot porridge with an egg, a banana, fresh bread or cookies for breakfast.  (peanut butter cookies are very nutritious and delicious for breakfast haven’t you heard of “breakfast cookies”) and five different hot meals at lunch.  You wouldn’t believe how much these students can eat!  All this THANKS to the wonderful board and partners God has given us.  I sincerely wish each of you could know the real difference your gifts of love are making.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you mom!!” (notice mom gets all the thank you’s and hugs but it is really you who deserve it) These words were from a young single mom whose body was literally shaking with sobs as she hugged me.  As tears streamed down her face she explained she had been rising before day break to go dig the heavy clay soil of neighboring “shambas”  (gardens) to provide food and school fees for her little daughter.  Some days she even missed school to finish the work.  Her father is a drunkard and expects her to provide for him as well even as she is struggling to learn to be a tailor at Garments of Praise Tailoring Institute so she can become independent and provide for herself and her child.  And what amazing thing had I done to get all these thank yous?  I had given her 1000 shillings, about $12 for the month to help lighten her load.

Thank you for your prayers!!! Thank you for your encouragement!!  Thank you for the financial support!!

May God richly reward you for all you do.  Each time I write “mom” it is really all of you who are standing in the gap to help us minister and serve the precious Kenyan and Ethiopians God has called us to serve.

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