February 2015- God can “make a way” for Dreams to come true


Rachel has had many challenges over the last three years.  At age 10  she was taking the responsibility of caring for a younger relative that is HIV positive,  to make sure he got his medication at proper times.     Her grades had always been in the top of her class and she was a leader in the school. She was always cheerful and a help with the other students, encouraging them and leading the worship songs.  But last year her mother abandoned her and Mark, the young relative, because she re-married and her new husband didn’t want the children.   Rachel became discouraged and sad at being abandoned and her grades began to dip sharply as she was now trying to provide food daily for both of them.  Her dreams of becoming a teacher were fading and life was very hard.  One of the teachers at “Shalom, even though she is a single mom, agreed to oversee care of both children if Garments of Praise would provide funding for food and shelter.  With this care from our Jesus Cares Fund both children have done very well and are healthy.  Rachel has graduated from the 8th grade with the 2nd highest grade scores of the class.  But again she faced challenges because there was no way to get the fees to go on to a high school with no support.  We are thrilled to report that God has provided and now she is attending a wonderful Christian girls school and her dreams are again very bright.  (see picture above)  We have gotten a responsible person to care for Mark and she can now give full attention to her schooling.  Please continue to remember her and Mark as God continues to “make a way when there seemed to be no way”.

Jesus said “let the little children come unto me..”  May we do as He leads to care for His little ones.