August 24, 2013

Burdens; Joys; Heartaches and just this and that in the daily life of serving a needy world for a wonderful God:

Matthew 19: 14 ‘But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.  Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  NLT

Little children are precious to Jesus and he calls upon the “Big” people to be his hands and feet to the children.  We can’t take care of all the needs but we can each do “something”.  God Himself is the one who can and will tell you what He desires.  As we each do our part, His Kingdom will be full of these little “eternal souls”.

What do you say to a little child that will never hear his mother’s voice again or feel her loving touch?  The way is hard and often there is no one who really loves that child and will comfort them. They have no one to talk to or share the heavy load they are carrying.  Daily our prayers go up to the loving Father for land and funds to provide such a place for these little “forgotten ones”.

What do you do for a child that has a deadly disease lurking in his little brain and there are no funds to get the treatment to “fix” the problem or even the $35 needed for transportations to get them to the place where they can be treated.  All funds that come in for the “Jesus Cares” funds are often spent before we even get the funds exchanged because the need is so urgent.

What do you council a child that is begging to go to school but school fees are outside the reach of the family?  Even as young as 6 and 7 children realize that without an education their life has very few options for success and joy.  Most 9 year olds are just “being children” but here many are burdened as they think and pray for a way to go to school.  School sponsorships are a way to change not only a little life but the community in which they live.  There is a great seriousness about what to do with their life in children here and often they will tell you what they desire is to be doctors, nurses, pastors or teacher because these people love and care for others.

Jesus also care deeply about the youth who are such a great target of Satan who tries to destroy or turn them from knowing the truth.  With no opportunity for job skills training or an education their idle minds and hands become open to the evils of this world.  Encouragement to assure them that “God will Make a Way..” is powerful and sharing the truths of the Bible is strong protection against the tricks of the evil one.

Pray without ceasing is the need as we share the heart aches and praises of young men who often text to either share a bible verse or to ask “please send my bible verses” or to ask for prayer with a list specific needs.  Some write letters and some like the story below was shared by a young man who felt the need was so desperate, complicated and long he needed to make a long trip to come see us personally, at great sacrifice financially to him.

“Mum, please pray for me to be strong, I had to leave my career training and go help my family as they are being put off the land we have lived on for last 15 years.”  This young man is now working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and earning $35 per month to try and save so he can buy at least one fourth acre of land so his family can make bricks and build a small home and have a little garden.  Land prices have gone up so much that even this small parcel costs almost $1000.  He is saving his entire months wages of 3000 shillings per month; he works after hours carrying water for other people to earn his rent. He eats only two small meals per day but it will take him 38 months to reach this amount.  He is determined to succeed in his mission even he has to set aside his own personal desires as he is the “first born”.  In the meantime land continues to go up in price and if his family is put off they then have to pay rent taking away from what he can save.  BUT he is trusting God and just text to say that because He loves and serves God he knows He will provide land for them.  Please join with us in this petition as well as for his health as he survives on so little and the work he does is very hard.

“Dear Mum, the reason I write this letter is the day we were at your house and shared the word of God with you, my life has not been the same again.  They touched my heart and gave me a desire to start a new life for revival and salvation.  I was just at home with nowhere to go, no job, no money; then I heard there was a team at Katwanyaa named the “Victory Team” and I decided to attend one of their matches and since then I felt I belonged to the team and felt I was someone.  I didn’t know that this will come to my revival of my salvation.  I have believed in God and always wanted to follow his path but the devil comes and drags me down.  I want now to seek the face of the Lord and his righteousness.  I really need your prayers much as I pray to God that he may see me through my salvations to be a living testimony and that nothing is impossible.  Although life has not been smooth to me since I have no job, I believe that God is going to do something new, wonderful and good in my life.   From today henceforth, I have decided to start a new life, I pray to God that he may give my heart’s desire to seek him always and He may send the Holy Spirit upon me to guide me and teach me.  Remember me always in your prayers that I may not stumble but walk in the ways of the Lord.  I was asking if you could find me a bible so that I can be reading and meditation in the word.” Although God has provided bible for 15 young men 11 are still asking as they don’t have one. Please join us in prayer for these young men who desire to follow God but don’t have a “guide book”.

“Thank u mum for the encouraging words and verses, God bless you and good nite.”

“Thank you mum let’s pray those words (promises from Bible sent to him) will come true in Jesus Christ’s name because it is major visions, good nite and God bless”

“Then mum, can u send verses for me that you sent last nite my phone was off so lost them. Plz send!”

“Thank U Mum for your prayers I have faith & hope that the Almighty God we serve will open a way for me, God bless you.”
The above are just a few ideas of ways to pray for these young people:

How blessed we are to have an opportunity to share and study God’s word with these wonderful, future warriors for God!!

Even in old age God is faithful  “..with love and strength for each new way he will make a way!!”

“Only one life will soon be past ONLY what’s done for Christ will Last”

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