Before they call I will answer…

February 2015: Before they call I will answer…

As we enter 2015 we rejoice at the many opportunities God is giving us to “preach the Gospel to the poor, give hope to the hopeless , the oil of joy as we bind up the wounds of the broken hearted and as we seek to set the captive free from the bondage of witchcraft, alcohol addition, drug addiction”.

Thank you to all of you who are God’s Sending Servants and Praying Partners that enable us to go and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a dark world. Our ultimate goal is to see the name of Jesus lifted up that He can draw many unto Himself and that the Father may be glorified.

I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! “   Isaiah 65:24 NLT

God has done amazing things over the last 6 months that are only explained by the verse above.

  • Two years ago God joined our hearts with a Kenyan Police Inspector who is also a pastor. He shared how he would often see a “child carrying a child” along the road with nowhere to go and no one to care about them. He would stop and do what he could for them and take them to the “government orphanages”. But when he returned to check on them he would find horrible conditions; lack of food, overcrowding, neglect and abuse.

God gave him a vision and desire to have a home to care for many abandoned and orphaned children. Others in Kenya joined him in prayer and planning and he began looking for land but resources were a major problem. He had a wife and 4 children of his own to care for plus 3 orphans they had taken in. But God continued to burden him for the vision laid on his heart.

In August 2014 God was working with one of His servants to give a fixed amount to purchase land for a Children’s Home in Kenya.   This was unknown to us as we joined in prayer and travel with our friend to find suitable property.   In Sept we became aware of the generous offer to purchase the land and the first of November the right land was located but the price was too high.

God went before us and the answer was forthcoming as the seller lowered his price three times, over the next several weeks, till it matched the funds God had made available through His servant and by the end of December the final purchase of the land for this Children’s Home was a reality.

We give praise to God for “While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! “ Watch for further reports on this project.


  • In 2012 when we formed our “Victory Football Team” they had shared a vision of seeing a well drilled for their village of Katwanyaa. Little was discussed on this desire over the years and while it was a dream, it wasn’t an immediate project.

But in October of 2014 a call was received from the pastor of Calvary White Mountain, that there was a desire to help drill a well for Katwanyaa and that a considerable sum had been banked toward this project.

As we explored the actual costs to do a well to meet the needs of the 2000 people living here and the cost to secure the well safely and build several water booths where water could be piped, we were challenged by the total costs. Again “before they call” proved true as the director of Practical Christian Living, a ministry arm of Calvary Tucson on the same day messaged us in Kenya “do you need a well?”

We are awaiting the fulfillment of this project as funds continue to come in and the process is moving along in Kenya as we have secured land, done the exploration of the site and the environmental impact study and are waiting for the paperwork from the Kenyan Government to give us the go ahead to start the drilling.

We are praising God for all He has done and rejoicing we can offer this village not only “clean” water but LIVING WATER.


  • The present facilities for Shalom Learning Center are dark, crowded, unsafe and too small to meet the needs of caring for the large number of impoverished children in this area. Because we believe “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” we are asking God for a permanent site.

At Shalom children are given love and a hope in this life with an education and a hope for eternity through the Gospel.   Most of the 150 plus children have been saved at this school. They desperately need a larger place where the children can have space to run and play as well as be trained in bright friendly classrooms and have a proper kitchen and place to eat at tables to prevent illness, rather than the dirt they sit in now.

We have located suitable land for this new location and Practical Christian Living is working to raise enough to not only provide the rest of the funds for the well In Katwanyaa but to purchase this land. We plan to build new school facilities and also hope to build a “Safe Haven” that will house the children who are orphaned or abandoned that we care for now in other facilities.   We are confident God is already at work on behalf of these (HIS) children.




One thought on “Before they call I will answer…”

  1. Emily, your Kenyan posts have been a great highlight this week. Everyday I wake up and look on my Blackberry to see if you have updtead it, and sure enough, most of the days I would wake up and be able to read some of your incredible writing. In fact, your posts have moved me so much that I have been telling others about them.I was thinking earlier this week that you should either 1) get into travel writing there are many many opportunities for doing this, and you don’t even need to travel very far if you don’t want to and 2) ever thought about attending college to learn photojournalism or a similar major? I went to Oregon State and majored in Liberal Studies with an option in New Media Communication. With that degree, you can learn video production, writing, newspaper and magazine writing, audio, website design, and social media . I just graduated in June and have not regretted it one bit. I think you would thrive in that program. You are really talented, thanks so much for the great posts.

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