Equipping the Saints

Garments of Praise partners with existing Ethiopian refugee and Kenyan Christian ministries to provide training with biblical seminars and help with tuition to attend Bible College. Many pastors and leaders labor with little more than a zeal to share the gospel. By coming alongside them they are better able to equip the saints for the work of the ministry in their churches.


Equipping Ethiopian refugee workers at a seminar held at Menonite Guest house for Eastleigh leadershipEthiopian Refugee Work.



The Eastleigh Evangelical Fellowship Church which is pastored by Pastor Samuel Jarso and his wife Wagaye is located in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi. For over 20 years they have worked evangelizing and caring for the many refugees who are without hope or help. Because the regime that ruled Ethiopia, the Tigary Peoples Liberation Front, did so by terror, many refugees have seen their family members murdered and their homes destroyed. In desperation thousands fled to Kenya, often walking for days through unknown forests, to seek refuge in Nairobi and are often housed in the slum areas. Because most are young, they have no job skills and are barely able to survive. This depiction serves to underscore the importance of the work being accomplished through this small church.

Pastor Sammy is also effective in sharing the Good News with the large Muslim population there and is grateful for our partnership to carry out God’s love to these dear people and many have been saved. They themselves are very poor and are torn by the terrible plight of how to help the young people. Garments of Praise has been able to secure a hall for the Eastleigh Evangelical Fellowship Church so that they can have the full-time use of a facility. Having a safe place to witness and minister to people is critical, as Christians have been imprisoned or martyred for sharing their faith in this heavily Muslim area. The room is rented on a monthly basis, so this project remains an on-going need.

 Many refugees have been saved and taught God’s word and as they leave and go to a third country, they are really being “sent” from this church to spread the Gospel. We are praying some will return to preach the Gospel to their own people in Ethiopia.


Eastleigh Evang Fellowship Area 01 Eastleigh Evang Fellowship Area 02

Neighborhood surrounding Eastleigh Evangelical Fellowship.



Seminar at Eastleigh ChurchSeminar at Eastleigh Church





Upper Room“Upper Room” where the Church meets.





IMG_1878Seminar at the mission house in Kangundo.  This pastor and leadership seminar was held for the Kenyan pastors in the Kangundo/Tala area with over 80 in attendance.


We work with many Kenyan pastors in the Kangundo and Tala area. One of the greatest challenges and most rewarding ministries is our partnership as we help young men desiring to become pastors. Garments of Praise has 11 men and women either through or in bible and biblical counseling schooling. They are receiving a solid foundation in the Bible so they may preach the Good News of salvation and encourage their own people. Over 100 Kenyan pastors and Christian Leaders have been encouraged and strengthened through the bible seminars held.

IMG_1665Goje one of our bible students who has graduated from the two year program and wants to continue further education so he can return to Ethiopia and start a bible college there to train pastors to reach his own people.