What We Do

We offer HOPE and are changing the lives of refugees, single moms, 066widows, and at “risk teens” through the “TRAINING INSTITUTE”. This job skills training program is providing income earning skills, without which they would face a life of abject poverty. Teens are often at risk because there is not enough food for them and the younger siblings at home so they are asked or forced to leave. Girls are married off very young and boys often turn to drugs, drink and crime with early death the result. Because we offer a feeding program, parents now have the alternative to allow their young teen to remain at home and learn a trade.  Garments of Praise Training Institute has given a hand up to over 70 young people.

We offer HOPE and are changing the lives of orphaned, abandoned and neglected children by partnering with “SHALOM LEARNING CENTER”. Shalom Learning Center was founded in 2007 by Stephen and Carole Mweu and they are now able to provide 175 children with clean water, food, an education and the love of God.  The school is located in a very poor area where children are greatly impacted by HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. Some are in desperate need of a “Safe Haven” where they can have a permanent safe place to live, be cared for and taught about God. It is our desire to help this become a reality.

We offer HOPE and are changing the lives of those in need of urgent medical care, food and shelter and a hand up in desperate situations. Our JESUS CARES FUND was started because of the many coming who had no place else to turn for help. Malaria kills over one million in Africa each year with Kenya one of the most highly impacted countries. Just $10 can often save a life from malaria, typhoid, or whooping cough. Money for good food and medicine for those with tuberculosis is often the deciding factor between life and death. This program also supports our Victory soccer club which is introducing young men to Jesus and influencing them to turn from drugs, drink and crime to follow God.

We offer HOPE and are changing the lives of Christian pastors and leaders through our “EQUIPPING THE SAINTS” program. This is an outreach ministry of Garments of Praise that works with both Kenyan and Ethiopian refugees to help equip them as they minister in their churches. Biblical seminars are held for pastors, Christian leaders from their churches; rent is provided for meeting places and help with tuition for bible school is offered. It was a challenge for Pastor Samuel Jarso of the Eastleigh Evangelical Church to find a safe place to win souls, disciple new converts and hold worship services in the mostly Muslim community of Eastleigh, a suburb of Nairobi. For years they were only allow 4 hours each week to try and accomplish the great work they are doing but now because of assistance they have a room 24/7.

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