Our Purpose

TO GIVE HOPE AND HELP: Garments of Praise was founded to help alleviate poverty and hopelessness and to restore dignity through job skills training and education, and to support the teaching and preaching of God’s word to the “downtrodden” in Kenya, Africa.

We work with and support established biblical ministries in Kenya to aid:

  • Vulnerable Ethiopian refugee women living in the slums of Nairobi, who live in desperate circumstances and because of the lack of job skills are often forced into sex trades in order to survive;
  • Young widows with children in rural areas, who face similar hardships without schooling or job training (one mother had her child die in her arms because she lacked the few dollars for the medicine that would have saved her child);
  • Disadvantaged children, who because of poverty are unable to attend school. Some even though only children themselves, because of HIV/AIDS, are heads of their household and struggle to find food for their siblings;
  • Rural teens who are orphaned or have been forced from the family home and left to survive on their own because there is not enough food for them and younger siblings. Without an education or job skills training, their future is dark and they often turn to stealing, drugs, alcohol and an early death. These teens fall victim to the highest suicide rate, by hanging, in the 14 to 18 year old age group in Kenya;
  • Churches, who minister God’s word and hope to these “forgotten”, by working to encourage and empower them through education and working side by side with them.