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October 22, 2012

“Mom, can I come see you?”

“Mom, I need to come see you”,  is an often repeated phrase and it can mean anything from I need prayer to I am in a desperate situation and don’t know what to do.  Such was the case this past week as a very young, sweet girl shared how she had married and had two children very close and then her husband started beating her and the children, often locking them either in the house or out of the house.   She finally fled and went to her mom’s some distance away;  knowing she had to learn a trade to support herself and her children she enrolled in the tailoring school and has been a very good student.  But in order to attend the school she has to stay with her grandmother in Kangundo and her children have to stay with her mother who lives far and is very busy and often gone from the home leaving the children ages 4 and 5 with a brother who is also often gone leaving the children alone.  She had been called that her children were very sick and needed medicine and she didn’t even have fare to go home to them.

Your prayers are often the avenue that God uses to provide wisdom and guidance in situations like this.  We are still working on the solution but I told her we would be here for her and she was not alone, often just a warm hug and  caring words are the life line they hang onto.  (praise God she has been able to bring the children to her grandmother’s and they will attend Shalom Learning Center, which is close by!!! Isn’t God great)

This same phrase was used two weeks ago and the situation was very desperate, the young woman was sick with malaria, typhoid and burcelosious (not sure of spelling), a disease gotten from bad water.  Again no money for medicine and on top of that her brother was robbed and beaten with a large rock, smashing in his face and he suffered a very severe concussion and is in a hospital in Nairobi.  We praise God he has turned the corner and is expected to live but life will be tough with a long recovery and the prospect of living his life with 8 front teeth missing and his family is much more impoverished as the family cow had to be sold to pay some of the hospital so they would continue to treat him.  $20 or $30 makes a huge difference in life and death situations here as with both typhoid and malaria and no medicines death is often the result.  But because people care, this young woman is now in good health and back at work.
Philipians 4:19 “My God SHALL supply all your needs…..”

October 18, 2012

“LORD…all we have accomplished you have done for us…”

Like refreshing rains the team from Calvary came and blessed many with their love, their joy, their wonderful attitudes and compassion.  They not only refreshed and blessed the Kenyans and Ethiopians but where of great encouragement to us in ways to numerous to count here.
It was wonderful to watch as they loved on the people we love and serve here.    We heard many comments on the joy and love that seemed to flow from them and the fact that they did not seem like strangers but like one of the people here.

This the first attempt to write and share with you some of the blessings we have found here and we will try and update you in a timely way on future blogs of day to day events.  Many days are so full we long to just go rest but even as we go to meet someone else in need of prayer, counciling or physical help we are the ones who come away blessed.

God truely directed in our name, “Garments of Praise”, and we seek to lift heavy burdens, encourage the lonely and those in dispare; exchange the spirit of heaviness for the “garment of praise” and help bring the joy of Jesus to his precious children here.  Life can be so incredible hard here but Jesus alway gives hope and often uses a human vessel to comfort with hugs and tears or smiles.  Your prayers are a precious gift from God and we could not survive with out them.
May the Joy of the Lord be your strength as you serve Him in your place of service
blessings and love